What is the Content to Cash Weekend Workshop?

The Content to Cash Weekend Workshop is a 4-hour virtual training for today's busy working professionals to expand their income streams.

Our comprehensive program guides students through our proven framework to increase your visibility, create more offers and income streams. Students leverage a variety of learning tools and resources, including our fast action curriculum, worksheets, and hands-on sessions.

You will receive support and accountability from our instructor and brand expert, Stephen A. Hart, our dedicated team and the other students in the workshop.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Don't Just Take Our Word For it.

Craig the Barber® | Men's Grooming Expert and Founder of Burke Avenue®.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Corporate professionals, financial professionals, sales professionals, and real estate professionals.
  • Entrepreneurs, founders, authors, content creators, coaches, and consultants.
  • Job seekers including college graduates, and career changers (including military).


If you are ready to invest and do the work on your personal development, personal growth and personal brand, you will absolutely see the return on this investment, in both the short and long term. So many of our past students credit this course with landing new job opportunities, job promotions, paid speaking opportunities, book deals, creating new offerings and income streams, and so much more. If you put in the work, there is no doubt, you will be overjoyed with the outcome and return on this investment.

This course is closed for enrollment.